Cultural Services

We have a well tested and comprehensive approach to land management. Through the passing of knowledge, we understand what it takes to rekindle Native Ecosystems. Fire Lore is developing a number of Industry-standard GFP (Good Fire Practises). These high standards of Operation allow us to perform custodial management practices safely and effectively.

Fire Lore offers both private and governmental/corporate, property and/or project-specific consultancy. Taking into full consideration the areas flora and fauna. Allowing Fire Lore to tailor land appropriate & culturally sound management systems; for country rehabilitation, regeneration & repair.

Education Day
Our team offers information days for schools, universities & public speaking events
We believe in the passing of knowledge to our younger generation, the leaders of tomorrow. Correct land management techniques instilled now means we can establish the fixing of Country through generations to come.
Service includes:
  • Presentation to the group
  • Q&A discussion  
  • PDF documentation on the Scientific information behind our cultural practises
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Speak to us about and information workshops and a Cultural Burn.

We'll take your group onto Country and walk you through the practises we make when managing lands the original way.

Services Include:

  • Onsite presentation or
  • Classroom presentation
  • Small Cultural Burn
  • On-site Q&A during the burn

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Land Management 
We offer a range of land management services for both commercial & residential needs. 
  • Cultural Burning or Cold Fire Buring
  • Forest & Waterway Restoration
  • Tree Planting to County Type
  • Endangered Species Landscape Restoration
  • Soil Carbonisation & Sequestration
  • Property / Asset Safety Inspections & Reports
  • Good Fire Practise 'GFP' Advice
  • Fire Proofing Management Strategies
  • Pro-Active Asset protection Planning
  • Land Assessments/ Fire Evaluations & Implimention.
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Partnered Grant Projects
Our team has the experience you need to meet the standards set out by your grant's funding body. 
Our team has worked alongside a
  • Native Titles
  • Local Government 
  • State Government 
  • RFS
  • Private Land Holders
  • Commercial Land holders
  • Charities & Non-for Profits

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Why choose Cultural Burning

Biomass Mitigation

Our Cultural 'Cold' burning techniques remove excess fuels that can build up over time. Removing the potential of un-controlled wild bush fires.

Trees and Grasses

Trees and grasses dictate the Country (land) type or bio-region. This, in turn, dictates the what, where & when of 'Fire Lore', with the RIGHT fire used, the correct bio-diversity returns.

Carbon Sequestration

Hot fires release unwanted atmospheric carbons, gases, particulates and VOCs. The right fire practice minimises environmental impacts while locking up carbon so it stays where it the soil.

Water Ways

Watercourses are the veins and lifeblood of the country. When the right fire is applied it releases the burden of built-up fuels, which if left creates potential blockages and limits the amount of water that can flow. Cold fire also limits the ash residual, which robs the water of oxygen, killing aquatic life. While the carbon storesthat are left, help purify and clean.

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