We are an Indigenous-stewarded, Custodial Land Management, Consultancy Organisation comprising of Robert Williams from Githabul Country, Tipan Kuku Initiated (Qld). Robbie has worked and trained under Dr Tommy George and Uncle Victor Steffenson, world renowned Cultural Fire Custodians


Fire Lore works alongside the Githabul & Naraakbul Nations elders (NSW) and family. Who, over decades of tradition and passing of knowledge are official FIRE LORE Keepers within Australia.

Story Passed Down

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In Honor of the 2 old fella's
Dr Tommy George & Dr George Musgrave)

The 2 old men explained (Dr Tommy George & Dr George Musgrave from, Awu Laya- Kuku Taipan Country), that when they returned to their country they went in search of a memory. That memory was of the Sugar Bags, wild honey, produced by the native bees, of this country "Australia".
They returned to places their people had been visiting since time immemorial. But the bees, nor the honey were to be found.

It was this disappearance, of a food source, that had long sustained peoples of this country for millennia, that these 2 brothers remembered.

The earth was created from fire, and fire is what was needed to return things to as they were.

Baptism of Fire

Narrakbul/Githabul Bootherum (LORE)
In the beginning... 

The earth was born of fire, a melting and shifting core formed its landscapes and all that must come to upon it.


Ngathang-gali, Marmag-Babarrahni & our Mother (earth) are speaking & their voices are one & the same, speaking the same Harmonious words.

Love us, accept us, acknowledge us, honor us,  respect us, obey us & we will pour out bountiful blessings upon you Ngali-ngarah Jarithus- (our Children).

For we are all one in the same, for you are breath of our breath, blood of our blood & bone of our bone. For our hearts, all beat as one and to the same Holy sacred beat. Come​, come, come ye Jarthum (our Children) for your Ngothung-gali Marmah-Babarrahni & your Mother. 

Where to manage the seasons, weather, birth, death, knowledge, creation. 

Blessed is he that knows his Mother. 

Thereafter came the guardians and beings. Each of the three created a place for its people.

Fill and restore the sons of the mountain that they will have eyes to see and ears to hear the commands and Lores of their ancient ones and be a fruitful and blessed people as designed. 

And like the birds saw the seeds again and again. As the melting rock pushed out of the earth so too will your blood surge pure in your bodies to rebuild and restore the gatherings of the Bird Tribe. 

Where to manage the seasons, weather, birth, death, knowledge & creation. 

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